Your Vet

Your Vet – Your Pet’s Health Professional.

Your pet’s second best friend is your pet’s vet, and your pet’s second family are all the team in your veterinary practice.

Vet’s love pets – that’s why they do their job – but they also understand the deep bond that exists between an owner and their animal-friend, and that it is as much their job to mind the owner as it is their patient! Being a pet vet is very similar to being a paediatrician – except for paediatricians their patients will grow up, and (except when they are tiny babies) can to some extent tell the doctor what’s wrong, where it hurts and how they feel.

The vet’s patients can’t talk. Vets have to work out what’s wrong by talking to you, their owner, and from using their skills and experience to get to the bottom of your little friend’s problem.

For pet vets their job is to not alone mind our sick patient but also to care for you, their worried owner and to do this your vet will have invested in their practice, their staff and in keeping themselves up to date by attending courses and seminars, and reading all the current veterinary journals, so they can offer you and your little friend the very best of modern veterinary care.

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