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Training Tips 1 – Methods

Are you relaxed & interested yet? Never try to train your dog until after exercise when he is more physically tired and more mentally focused and alert.  If using treats, train before mealtimes when he is hungry and keener to work.  Remember: reward the behaviour you want and ignore the behaviour you don’t want. Signals, not commands It is better to think of training as a set of signals you are sending your dog.  This way when he can’t perform […]

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If your puppy was microchipped before you bought him, then read this….

Since 2006 all pedigree puppies have to be microchipped for Irish Kennel Club registration. This is done by the breeder’s vet when the pups are about 6 weeks old and have to be done before the puppies can be sold with papers. The chip itslef will work perfectly well but because it was the breeder that did (or didn’t do!) all the necessary paperwork there is often a problem in that the chip is not registered to the pup’s new […]

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