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National Microchipping Month

  September is National Chipping Month. During this month veterinary practices around the country will be working with the pet owning public to ensure that their pets are microchipped and also that the microchip details are correctly registered on an approved database. If the chip is not registered it is no good. The person you bought your dog from may have said it is ‘chipped’ – but have you made sure that the chip’s registration has been transferred to you? […]

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Tail docking in dogs

Tail docking is the removal of some of a healthy tail of a pup. It used to be done by breeders because they thought the dogs ‘looked better’. It is an unwarranted mutilation and in the opinion of the veterinary profession should not ever be performed. The Veterinary Council of Ireland has ruled that it would be unethical for a vet to perform this procedure except where surgical amputation is required to treat an injured tail. The legal situation is […]

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Ginga’s story. How best to deal with the feral cat situation problem.

Are stray, feral cats a problem in your area? I’ve recently had an experience that clearly demonstrates the best way to deal with this perennial issue. I was visiting  the housing estate where I used to live,  fifteen years ago. I was talking to a former neighbour, when a large distinctive looking ginger tom cat strolled by. I recognised him: the upper half of his left ear was missing. It was Ginga, a cat who I had last seen fifteen […]

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Antifreeze poisoning

ANTIFREEZE is deadly for dogs and cats. It’s sweet tasting and they will often drink it if they find it spilt, or if it drips from a car radiator. If your pet drinks it you need to get to the vet as fast as you can – this is an extreme emergency. Left untreated any pet that has ingested antifreeze WILL die from seizures and/or acute kidney failure, and even with treatment they may well die. It’s absolutely deadly. For […]

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Obesity epidemic hits American Pets

Kim Stevens has a problem that affects tens of millions of Americans. If left untreated, it could lead to the death of someone she loves, someone who’s part of the family. Stevens’ dog Dodger, a brown and white mixed breed, is obese. According to a new study, he’s emblematic of a growing problem. The majority of adult dogs and cats in U.S. homes are overweight or obese, and the problem has gotten worse over the past year, according to the […]

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Diagram of Angiostrongylus vasorum life cycle

Lungworm in dogs – an increasing threat

By Fintan Browne, veterinary surgeon in Blanchardstown Veterinary Hospital It appears that lungworm infections are on the rise. In the past number of weeks I have had 3 lab-confirmed cases of Angiostrongylus vasorum – or “lungworm” as it is more commonly known – in dogs visiting our Anicare hospitals (2 in Blanchardstown and one in our Glasnevin branch). Dogs are typically infected by eating small slugs and snails (or less commonly frogs) and it is something that suburban pets can easy pick up […]

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