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No ‘snooze button’ on a howling dog!

There’s something unsettling about the sound of a howling dog. The howl is an ancient inherited mode of communication, stemming from the days when dogs roamed in packs. The high pitched, drawn out howl can be heard several miles away. In the wild, the howl was used as a way of calling the pack together. For example, if a dog found a particularly tasty piece of carrion, his howl would call his pack to the feast site. There are other […]

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The cats pajamas

The status of cats in Irish households has changed over the past thirty years. Formerly regarded as a necessary piece of equipment in the farmyard, cats were useful at keeping vermin under control, but definitely not to be allowed indoors. Nowadays many pet cats are welcomed into the family as honoured guests. However cats have not lost the strong instinct which first earned them their place amongst humans. They are keen hunters – their predatory urge is still as strong […]

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