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Alan Rossiter MVB is the 2012 President of Veterinary Ireland, the veterinary profession's representative body, and works as a vet in Blacklion Pet Hospital, Greystones, Co. Wicklow
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National Microchipping Month

  September is National Chipping Month. During this month veterinary practices around the country will be working with the pet owning public to ensure that their pets are microchipped and also that the microchip details are correctly registered on an approved database. If the chip is not registered it is no good. The person you bought your dog from may have said it is ‘chipped’ – but have you made sure that the chip’s registration has been transferred to you? […]

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Dog Heaven

When dogs go to heaven,  they don’t need wings because God knows that dogs love running best.  He gives them fields. Fields and fields and fields.  When a dog first arrives in heaven, he just runs.  Dog heaven has clear, wide lakes filled with geese who honk and flap and tease.  The dogs love this.  They run beside the water and bark and bark  and God watches them from behind a tree and smiles.   There are children of course. Angel […]

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I Am A Vet – And Proud

If I had my time over, would I still chose to be a vet or would I have taken another option of career? Every vet asks themselves that, no more than any of us no matter what we do. I have done my time calving cows at 3am in a February sleet on the side of a hill, I have been kicked right where it hurts by that foal, and I have been, and continue to be, shredded to bits […]

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Dogs Trust iPhone Apps available for download

Dogs Trust have produced two applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. iMutt is a free game where you help a dog in a centre prepare for life in a loving home, and You and Your Puppy is an information-packed resource for anyone who is thinking of rehoming or buying a puppy or has recently done so. iMutt Meet iMutt, our brand new iPhone/iPod app!  In this interactive game, you can take a look behind the scenes and walk in […]

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If your puppy was microchipped before you bought him, then read this….

Since 2006 all pedigree puppies have to be microchipped for Irish Kennel Club registration. This is done by the breeder’s vet when the pups are about 6 weeks old and have to be done before the puppies can be sold with papers. The chip itslef will work perfectly well but because it was the breeder that did (or didn’t do!) all the necessary paperwork there is often a problem in that the chip is not registered to the pup’s new […]

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