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Veterinary Ireland, in conjunction with primary sponsor Royal Canin and secondary sponsor Allianz, have produced a range of print material for members to use to assist in client education and promotion of responsible pet ownership. By the end of March 2012, all members of Veterinary Ireland will have received information on what is available with a small ‘sampler’ pack, and each VICAS member will have received complimentary packs containing pet health booklets, posters, flyers and stickers for kids.

VICAS members can avail of an ongoing supply of free material for use in their practices (up to a maximum amount per year, dependent on sponsorship to cover the costs of printing and distribution). Once this compliment of free material is reached there is the facility to purchase more as required, as well as the facility to have a personalised print run with their own practices details included.

Print Material  – Additional Supplies/Options for VICAS Members

If you wish to enquire about ordering more material please see the options below.

Free Material

After you have received your inital starter pack and can see how it works in your practice, VICAS members may order more free print material for use in their practice by using the form below.

There is a limit of free material that may be ordered per member per period, with the amount of free material available being dependent on the ongoing level of sponsorship raised by VICAS. Your Veterinary Ireland membership number is required to verify that you are a member, and to keep track of the amount of material you have ordered. If you do not have it to hand, you can request it from Veterinary Ireland HQ (hq(at)

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Extra Material at cost price

If you wish to order more material in excess of your free quota, a charge will apply to cover printing and distribution costs. This is a service to members and provided on a non-profit basis, the charges are solely to cover printing and distribution costs.

If the in-stock supply of available material is expended then a waiting period until the next print run will apply, this period will depend on receiving sufficient orders to reach the minimum total numbers required to commence a print run. To request more information on receiving more than your allowed free supply, including the pricing structure, please contact us using the form below

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Personalised material

Alternatively members can have an individual print-run done with the practices own details in the booklet. Whilst all the material is copyright Veterinary Ireland and cannot be altered without permission, there are editable regions within the booklets to allow for the practice’s details to be included, or for some minor text changes to reflect an individual practice’s protocols or opinions.

The primary sponsor’s logos etc must remain on the material as they covered the costs of design and they hold copyright of all the images.

To cover the costs of a personalised print-run a practice may if they so wish come to an individual arrangement with and include a secondary sponsor (or several sponsors) in the booklet (provided those sponsors are not competing in the market with the primary sponsor Royal Canin). The sponsors’ logos can appear on any one of the internal pages and on the back cover.

If you wish to do your own individualised print run we have reached a special price with a print company which members may avail of. The estimated prices for personalised booklets/stickers are below and are based on the specs being the exact same as before but with minor artwork changes for individual vet practices.  These details can be discussed with the team, using the form below.


1000 personalised booklets : €1142 + vat (€1.14 per booklet)

5000 personalised booklets : €1876 + vat (€0.38 per booklet)

Kids Stickers (with practice logo rather than image):

1000 sheets of 12 stickers per sheet : €226 + vat

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