Information For Vets

About is owned and run by Veterinary Ireland, the representative body for the veterinary profession in Ireland. Specifically it is managed by VICAS (Veterinary Ireland Companion Animal Society) – the grouping within Veterinary Ireland representing the country’s ‘Pet Vets’.

Our aim is to assist the veterinary profession in providing up-to-date, professional and scientifically accurate advice to pet owners, allowing them to make informed choices relating to their pet’s health and welfare We do this by promoting the 10 Commandments of Responsible Pet Ownership, by giving free and open access to the Pet Health Library and by regular publication of pet-related news stories in our Blog and via Facebook and Twitter.

Allied to the website is a range of print material for practices to use to help inform their clients and to promote responsible pet ownership. A stock of this material is available free of charge to all VICAS members.

If you are a vet and would like to contact us, or give feedback as to how we might improve this site, please use the form below. In the meantime please place a link to on your practice website (download and use the logo), Recommend us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter.

Finally as a service for its members, VICAS has made available its archive of lecture notes from CVE courses run since 2006.

Please note the Print Material and Submit an Article facility are only available to Veterinary Ireland members. For membership please visit the Veterinary Ireland website.

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