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I Am A Vet – And Proud

If I had my time over, would I still chose to be a vet or would I have taken another option of career? Every vet asks themselves that, no more than any of us no matter what we do. I have done my time calving cows at 3am in a February sleet on the side of a hill, I have been kicked right where it hurts by that foal, and I have been, and continue to be, shredded to bits […]

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Why I am a vet

 Andrea muses on why she is a vet, and why she would still chose to be a vet…. “If I had a euro for every time someone said to me “Oh, you’re a vet. I would have loved to have been a vet!”, I reckon I could have had a nice foreign holiday on the proceeds by now.  Ever since the day I entered vet school, I have felt proud to be part of such a highly-valued profession.  Of course there are […]

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Thinking of becoming veterinary surgeon?

A career as a veterinary surgeon is one of the most popular dreams for young people nowadays. Children and teenagers have a very close affinity with animals. The idea of working with friendly, loyal creatures seems more appealing than working with bossy, bad tempered human beings. The public image of life as a vet has been generally a favourable one. James Herriot was always smiling as he strolled through muddy farmyards, and even his disasters often seemed to have a […]

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