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Reptile Nutrition

The diet of reptiles is very important, and this and husbandry are the two main issues for longevity of your pet. Insurance is also recommended for all pet animals to enable treatment to be performed easily. Water requirements – the way in which water is presented to a reptile is important, some (most) species will prefer to be able to partly submerge in water to drink, others may have a need to lick up droplets from surfaces such as plants […]

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Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps)

Bearded dragons come from Eastern Australia. They can grow up to 50 cm (1.5 feet) in length. They can live for up to 12 years in captivity. Diet They are omnivorous but take a greater percentage of herbivorous food as they age. Juveniles will take a higher percentage of invertebrate prey such as house crickets, black crickets and locusts. Waxworms and mealworms should be given in moderation. Livefood should be gut loaded with a high calcium content food (8% of […]

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