Diagram of Angiostrongylus vasorum life cycle

Lungworm in dogs – an increasing threat

By Fintan Browne, veterinary surgeon in Blanchardstown Veterinary Hospital It appears that lungworm infections are on the rise. In the past number of weeks I have had 3 lab-confirmed cases of Angiostrongylus vasorum – or “lungworm” as it is more commonly known – in dogs visiting our Anicare hospitals (2 in Blanchardstown and one in our Glasnevin branch). Dogs are typically infected by eating small slugs and snails (or less commonly frogs) and it is something that suburban pets can easy pick up […]

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Why I am a vet

 Andrea muses on why she is a vet, and why she would still chose to be a vet…. “If I had a euro for every time someone said to me “Oh, you’re a vet. I would have loved to have been a vet!”, I reckon I could have had a nice foreign holiday on the proceeds by now.  Ever since the day I entered vet school, I have felt proud to be part of such a highly-valued profession.  Of course there are […]

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Halloween and fear problems

A percentage of dogs each year will show heightened or extreme (phobic) fear responses to fireworks. Preventative advice may help reduce the occurrence or development of these responses. A fearful temperament can be inherited, and a percentage of dogs in the population will, as result of their genetic makeup be more likely to respond with fear to a variety of situations. Studies have found that events which are unpredictable, and which the animal is unable to control in any way […]

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“Parvovirus Puppy” – Lessons to Learn

Last weekend, I had to deal with a classic example of a “new puppy” crisis. Ms M had bought the pedigree Shih Tzu pup from breeder 9 days previously. The pup had collapsed the previous night, with bloody diarrhoea everywhere. When I saw the pup, his gums were white as a sheet, and he was lying totally flat-out, semi-conscious. Blood tests showed severe anaemia on top of everything else. The pup was dying & it was a Saturday morning. The […]

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Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps)

Bearded dragons come from Eastern Australia. They can grow up to 50 cm (1.5 feet) in length. They can live for up to 12 years in captivity. Diet They are omnivorous but take a greater percentage of herbivorous food as they age. Juveniles will take a higher percentage of invertebrate prey such as house crickets, black crickets and locusts. Waxworms and mealworms should be given in moderation. Livefood should be gut loaded with a high calcium content food (8% of […]

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Dog Training Video Library

“Dog Training Made Easy” Video Library In partnership with Dogs Trust, we are happy to present a series of videos – Dog Training Made Easy – to teach your dog basic training and commands. Carolyn Menteith, host of the 25 videos, guides dog owners through important topics such as handling your dog, biting, sitting, barking, digging, eating poo, commands such as sit, stay, and retrieve, and so much more. These videos are around 2-5 minutes each and can be watched […]

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