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Rodent – Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats & Mice – Common Diseases

Rodent – Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats & Mice – Common Diseases What are some of the common diseases of pet rodents? Common conditions of pet rodents include respiratory diseases, anorexia and lethargy, overgrown teeth, and tumours. What are the signs of these diseases? Respiratory infections are commonly seen in pet rodents. Signs include nasal and/or ocular (eye) discharge in mild infections, and wheezing, coughing, and open-mouth breathing in severe infections (pneumonia). The sicker animals often stop eating and become lethargic. In […]

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Training Tips 3 – Crate Training

Crate training Crates should be used with caution in dogs with anxiety issues.  If the dog is locked in too early and still very anxious they will make a desperate attempt to escape, potentially injuring themselves.  With destructive dogs it is tempting to confine them to an indoor crate but this often merely contains the dog and localises the destruction.  Owners may not be aware that the dog is still extremely distressed and do not notice the damage the dog is doing […]

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Training Tips 2 – Things I Can Do!

Sit Have the clicker in one hand and a treat in the other.  Put your hand with the treat over the top of the dogs nose and about two inches from his head.  Move the treat over his head.  As he tilts his head up to follow the treat his back end will tend to go down.  As soon he puts his bum is on the ground click and give the treat.  Repeat 10-15 times.  When he reaches 80% success […]

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Training Tips 1 – Methods

Are you relaxed & interested yet? Never try to train your dog until after exercise when he is more physically tired and more mentally focused and alert.  If using treats, train before mealtimes when he is hungry and keener to work.  Remember: reward the behaviour you want and ignore the behaviour you don’t want. Signals, not commands It is better to think of training as a set of signals you are sending your dog.  This way when he can’t perform […]

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Keeping mobile as time ticks on: Arthritis in pets, the silent epidemic

Arthritis – it’s pain As your pet gets older you may notice them slowing up a little or appearing stiff. DO NOT IGNORE THIS. Don’t just put it down to old age. This is the classic symptom of the onset of arthritis which is a very common complaint in pets as they get on a bit. In cats you may see them slowing up but also they may appear to be doing less grooming, may appear grumpy and just off […]

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